The power of CNC used in escape rooms

Tick Tock escape room create as much as possible in-house. We use 3D Printers, Lazer cutters and CNC Routers. We want to create our rooms as unique as possible and having a workshop dedicated to producing props ourselves gives us a unique edge. Most escape room owners will outsource, limitations are met, and no guaranteed that their prop will be unique and sold to them only.

Usually the popular stuff is mass produced, how would you feel if you see the same prop at another location? We have also seen other owners travelling around to get “inspiration” for their rooms…

The reason why this is bad is if an owner creates something cool, that is then copied elsewhere by Mr business man who has no creativity, his only talent is to copy. What happens if people visit Mr Business man’s escape room first? What would they think of the original creator if they visit them next? Would the experience not be tarnished by said experience?

You are a hack Mr Business man, and if you had any creativity you would create unique props instead of copying the idea’s from other successful owners.