The Cabin

Multi-room – Generation 3 Escape room


This is a tale of a group of friends who thought it was a splendid idea to camp in the middle of a forest, As the morning came and their senses roused The groups found themselves inside a dark room, with no knowledge of where they were or what transpired. Bruised, sore, handcuffed, chained and not feeling quite themselves, were they perhaps kidnapped?

Scary props
Not suitable for people with severe anxiety
Slightly claustrophobic
crawling/ducking under objects involved


Generation 3 Game
Up to 8 People can participate

Choose the date of the booking and then the time. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your booking. Those turning up late will have less time to complete the room.
Choose Non-Refundable Deposit if you are not sure about the group size or if everyone is paying separately. Please note the deposit is “Non Refundable”. If less people are able to attend on the booking day no refund can be made but we can make a coupon to use in the future. We are able to move the booking forward if given 48 Hours notice, and only once per booking.  If you do not attend  your booking no refund can be made.  15 years or older unless checked in by an adult no children under the age of 8 are permitted in the room.
Please Arrive 15 minutes before your booking.  Having Trouble Booking?  Call 0756412183