Some of the tech we use in the room

Our escape room software has been created in house, this gives us an edge as we control the software and hardware. Most escape room owners use 3rd party software and or hardware. For example a keypad safe that locks you out after 5 failed attempts, you have to press # enter the code followed by a * because they have no control. Usually the instructions on how to use the keypad are next to the lock, and it’s frustrating when you run out of trys. Our keypad is a state machine, when you press a button it sends back a message by RF using a NRF24 module. Then when the right sequential code is received we can send another RF signal to unlock, or advance our program to the next puzzle.

We have made a lot of different types of modules that all work on NRF24, its been the most stable wireless tech for us. More stable than using wired connections. As a failback we have websocket messages after each message is sent with the NRF24 module.

After we make a module we design a case for it so that we can mount it next to the puzzle.

We use 3d printers and cad software to create these cases.