The Cabin


This is a tale of a group of friends who thought it was a splendid idea to camp in the middle of a forest. As the morning came and their senses roused, The groups found themselves inside a dark room, with no knowledge of where they were or what transpired. Bruised, sore, handcuffed, chained and not feeling quite themselves, were they perhaps kidnapped?

Scary props
Not suitable for people with severe anxiety
Slightly claustrophobic
crawling/ducking under objects involved


Generation 3 Game

Max Players 8

All participants must be 16 years or older, or age 8 or older
and accompanied by a parent or guardian older than 16

We are working to be the covid safe.

Disinfecting the rooms and items in said room between each and every game.

Game adjustments to remove high-touch elements to reduce spread.

Time allocated so that only one booking can be in the foyer at any time.

Team members will be social distancing.

Hand sanitizer on the way out and in.

$100 deposit to book the room.¬† Remainder to be paid on arrival (we don’t split the bill individually anymore)
Prices $160 for up to 4 players, $200 for 5 players, $230 for 6 players, $255 for 7 players, $290 for 8 players.

Booking Form

    That all the participants of the group must turn up at the appointment time specified. The game timer will start exactly 10 minutes after this time. If you are later than 30 minutes the game is canceled, no refund. If you are late you will have less time to complete the room and you will have to exit after the timer hits 0.
    48 hours notice must be given to move an appointment otherwise the deposit is forfeit.
    Anyone with a cold or flu cannot attend and will be asked to leave if symptoms are shown at arrival or during the game.
    No food or drinks are to be taken into the business.
    The waiting room is only for the participants completing the room, we cannot have any of your friends or relatives waiting there, its to make it more safer during covid.
    All participants must be 16 years or older, or age 8 or older and accompanied by a parent or guardian older than 16.