Room 204


Room 204

You, the player(s), take on the role of agents from a secretive organisation.  Your mission is to retrieve confidential, and potentially damning, information from the office of your organisations own DR. Redmond.  You are sent to his private office by your boss, Dr. Himmler. You have 50 minutes before Dr. Redmond’s returns. For some reason, he believes Dr. Redmond has been participating in subversive activity and needs proof.

Optional RPG Mode available “Each player can have their own backstory that they role play during the game”.

Generation 4 Game (no padlocks all sensors)
3 Possible Endings depending on the choices you make.
Up to 8 People can participate.
80’s Theme

Family Mode PG and Adult Mode available.
This is a hard escape room

4 player Minimum.


Please Arrive 15 minutes before your booking. Having Trouble Booking?  Call 0756412183