Please read these rules correctly, we have had issues in the past when people assume that our rules are the same as other escape rooms or skim them. Part of the 15 minutes of your arrival is to read the rules and do the payments, there is no need to skim or rush, read them correctly so that the game is both pleasant for you and us.

Unfortunately if you don’t follow the rules the game will end.

Each participant is required to read the rules individually. The rules cannot be read out aloud either!.

The group will be quizzed about the rules before you enter the room.

Mobile Phones, Smart Watches, fitbits anything that has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and Torches are not allowed in the room. If we see such device in the room the game will end. If you see one of your mates with such device kindly let them know as sometimes it’s easy to forget.

No drinks or food are allowed in the room.

No excessive force is required anywhere in the escape room, everything should open easily. Please be respectful, if you break a item you will have to pay for damages. If we see someone using excessive force, the game will end.

Do not move or climb on any of the furniture in the room, all the items you need to access will be easily accessible.

Do not hack or force open locks, if you do this you will be ruining the experience.

Do not leave items on the floor where they can be stepped on, please put things in a organized location that is easily found after you exit the room.

When traversing between rooms; do not take anything from the previous room you completed. If you see someone has done this ask them to return the item to the previous room.

The rooms are equip with security cameras to monitor the safety and help track the progress of players.

When you exit the room, if there are players in the waiting room please don’t spoil their experience by talking about the room you just did.

The entry of the room is not locked, you can exit the way you came in, later in the game as you progress through the rooms you will find exit switches to unlock the doors if you need to exit.

Do not press the smoke detector test button…. They are all linked and its really loud. This is a Game Ending Offence.

Do not swear and use foul language we may have family’s doing rooms or waiting in the reception.

In the event of a emergency please exit the room the way you came out unless there is a door with a emergency only button then use that.

Use your creativity, pay attention to your surroundings and focus on the details; At times you may need to keep things simple, don’t over think!

Thanks for reading the rules, sorry the tone is a little harsh but it is important to follow so you have fun.

    That all the participants of the group must turn up at the appointment time specified. The game timer will start exactly 10 minutes after this time. If you are later than 30 minutes the game is canceled, no refund. If you are late you will have less time to complete the room and you will have to exit after the timer hits 0.
    48 hours notice must be given to move an appointment otherwise the deposit is forfeit.
    Anyone with a cold or flu.
    All participants must be vaccinated as per the health mandate. Everyone needs to bring a phone so they can covid check in and read the rules, if you do not have a green tick (or other forum accepted) then that participant cannot play and must leave immediately.
    No food or drinks are to be taken into the business.
    The whole group needs to comply with any "Mask Mandates" and make sure all participants wear the mask correctly (over the mouth and nose), Keep the mask on during the duration of your stay. Enter the building with your mask on. Make sure the group is onboard with this as failing to do so will result in the booking being canceled.
    If in the event that our staff becomes sick, or we have to shut down for a covid clean on the day of your booking and give less than 24hrs notice we will discount the total group cost by 50% and you will be able to re book up to 12 months from that date for a new session.
    The waiting room is only for the participants completing the room, we cannot have any of your friends or relatives waiting there, its to make it more safer during covid.
    All participants must be 16 years or older, fully vaccinated, or age 8 or older and fully vaccinated and accompanied by a parent or guardian older than 16.