Booking Complete.


  1. A SMS and email with your booking details has just been sent to you, please forward that to all participants. Check the date and time you booked is correct!
  2. The reception is ONLY for the group going into the room. You cannot bring others to wait in our reception while you do the room. This is to prevent the next group being exposed to unnecessary noise and to provide comfortable seating.
  3. You all must arrive 15 Minutes Early so we can introduce you to the rules and game. Your game time starts at the booking time specified, if you or a team member arrives late you will be charged an additional $36  and you will have Less time to complete the room.
  4. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late you will not be able to do the room.   Please be considerate, we may have bookings after you and if you arrive late it makes it harder for us to manage our day, especially during COVID-19.
  5. 48 Hours notice is required to move a booking which can only be moved once, otherwise a 36 administration fee will be charged.
  6. If less people are able to attend on the booking day no refund can be made but we can make a coupon to use in the future for the difference.
  7. Lockers; we have them for your personal items, please don’t bring food or drinks. Leave hand bags and big items in your cars as we have 1 locker per group.
  8. If you are unable to attend your booking no refund will be granted.
  9. Our address is 195 Margaret street, please allow enough time for parking, also we do not have a toilet on site so please go before you arrive.
  10. We have stripe payment via Master card or Visa cards. If bringing cash please bring Correct Amount as we do not keep cash/change on site.
  11. If under the age of 15 parents parents need to check them in.   No Children under the age of 12 Check the description of the room to see if there are any additional age restrictions. No infants allowed inside the room “insurance reasons”  Groups under age children will not be allowed to participate,  You cannot take your infant along with you.
  12. Do not turn up drunk or tipsy, if we feel you have been drinking alcohol prior to attending our escape room and may be a danger to our equipment we will Not allow you to play.
  13. Anyone with the cold or flu will not allowed to participate at all this is to protect the health of the next group that goes in after you and our staff.
  14. Payments on arrival can be with mastercard or visa (not eftpos), cash is accepted only if it’s correct change.