Author: Elena Gray

Creating 3D Objects for Escape Rooms

At our escape room’s in Toowoomba Queensland, we prefer to make everything ourselves. We have 10 3D Printers, a CNC Machine and a lot of other tools in an offsite workshop. Below is a gauge that we designed for our Chernobyl room *now discontinued* We have come a long way since then and our painting techniques have improved. When we do escape rooms ourselves we have noticed, the best rooms are from independent creative owners. And the worst experiences are usually from escape room owners that care more about margins than creativity. When owners buy pre-made mass produced props and puzzles. They may look good and function but when you start seeing them all over the place it does nothing to advance the industry.

Hitachi RFID Cassette player

We needed a smart retro cassette player for room 204

We design all our puzzles here at Tick Tock Escape Room Toowoomba Queensland. Room 204 we needed a cassette tape player that would play different recordings and most importantly that each recording that was used would notify our server when played. So we searched for a cassette player. We found one on ebay that suited the theme of the room then we installed a RFID card reader and arduino inside with a RF Module. Each button press then had to have a micro switch installed so that it would function like the original just not with analog tapes.

Smart Cassette Player from Room 204
RFID Reader Inside

Escape Room Movie Ticket Winners!

Last week we had 5 double passes up for grabs from Sony for the new Escape Room Movie. To enter all you had to do was Tag a friend and both like our page to enter the competition. The Five lucky winners are:

Dannii Cooper
Johanna O’Brien
Tanya Maree
Kahla Smith
Alyssa Raymond

Congratulations for winning tickets to the Escape Room Movie!